Best Dehumidifier? Cool Seasons Desiccant Dehumidifier Review

Welcome back to another exciting and fun filled review from Mr.Youwho and today we will be looking at what we think is one of the best dehumidifiers on the market, the Cool Season Desiccant Dehumidier.

Do you have mould problems? Condensation? Allergies or musty smells? In this desiccant dehumidier review we will look at how you can solve these issues. We will start this by doing an unboxing and looking through the operation of the dehumidier. We will then actually test out the decissant dehumidifier in one of the most humid and moist environments you can get in a house in the middle of the rainforest at tambourine mountain in Australia.

We will then do one of your favourite segments Mr.YouWho Question time to go through frequently asked questions about the dehumidifier and then finally finishing it off to discuss whether we feel you should purchase the Cool Seasons Decissant Dehumidifier.

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This dehumidifier can remove up to 10 litres per day of moisture in the air. The tray at the bottom can store up to 3 litres of water and and turns off automatically if it fills up. You can also use a hose if you want to leave the dehumidifier running consistently which you can empty into a drain.

Looking at the Cool Seasons dehumidifier, it is a great looking compact dehumidifier and is also very light which makes it easy to move around the home.

Some of it's key features includes:

  • Efficient cold-climate operation (down to 1°c)
  • Suitable for room sizes up to 50m² or 125m³ 
  • 10L of moisture extraction per day (20°c @ 60%RH)
  • Laundry mode (which includes clothes drying function)
  • Easy soft-touch controls (humidity/drying settings/12hr timer)
  • Nano silver filter (kills viruses & bacteria on contact)
  • Auto swing louvers (air flow direction control & faster drying)
  • Easy front-removable 3 litre water tank (anti-spill water bucket design)
  • Full-tank auto shut-off
  • 12 hour timer (2, 4, 8 or 12 hrs auto-shut-off or continuous)
  • Continuous drainage feature (Drainage hose included)
  • Auto restart after power failure

    Cool Seasons Desaccant Dehumidifier

    We used the dehumidifier both in our own home but also at Tamborine Mountain rainforest and found it to be an exceptional dehumidifier. It was able to very effectively to remove moisture very quickly. It could do this in walk in wardrobes, bathrooms and even in the main living area. Even having the dehumidifier just filming scenes for the actual review there was a lot of liquid in the tray. You could also feel that the air was a lot dryer.

    This is a perfect dehumidifier for cooler climates as it operates well below 20 degrees although can operate in temperatures from 1 degree up to 40 degrees. If you use air conditioning at home it also works well in that cooler temperature.

    If you want to have a look at what the differences are between a Deseccant Dehumidifier or a Compressor Dehumidifier please see the article here

     Cool Seasons Dehumidifier

     This is a very efficient dehumidifier with an excellent build quality and performs very well. It is also very quiet as well and the auto mode function means that it runs quietly in the background.

    We recommend this highly and rate it as one of the best dehumidifiers available in the Australian market today!

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    You can also purchase this dehumidifier from the great team at Ausclimate here.

    You can also purchase this product from Amazon on this link.

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