MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho
MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho
MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho
MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho
MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho
MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho
MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer - Mr.YouWho

MrYouWho Home Air Purifier & Deoderizer

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Stay Fresh with Our Advanced Home Air Ozonizer & Air Purifier

Elevate the atmosphere in your home using our state-of-the-art Air Ozonizer and Purifier. Outfitted with a 220V ozone ionizer generator and an antibacterial germicidal filter, this device doesn't just sterilize β€” it also disinfects and neutralizes odors, creating a cleaner, fresher habitat.

🌟 Noteworthy Features

  1. Green Oxygen Deodorizing: Leverages high-frequency, high-voltage technology to generate ozone that purifies air without secondary pollutants.
  2. Tailored Ozone Schedules: Easily customize ozone output duration from 10-30 minutes for versatile room size compatibility.
  3. Adaptable Cycle Durations: Adjust cycle times between 1-12 hours to best suit varying environmental conditions.
  4. Set-and-Forget Functionality: Benefit from an auto-cycle mode that boasts minimal power consumption at just 3.8W.
  5. Clear LED Time Display: Features a user-friendly, straightforward time indicator.
  6. Intelligent Engineering: Blends advanced machine technology with intuitive controls for seamless operation.
  7. Space-Efficient Design: Crafted to mount on the wall, saving you precious floor space.
  8. Elegant Aesthetics: Both the product and its sleek packaging are designed to seamlessly blend into home or hotel settings.

    πŸ’‘ Functional Benefits

    1. Anti-Bacterial & Sterilization: Kills over 90% of airborne bacteria including mold and E. Coli.
    2. Smoke & Odor Elimination: Produces negative oxygen ions to purify the air, making it odor-free.
    3. Enhanced Oxygen Levels: Increases oxygen intake while reducing carbon dioxide, improving overall health.
    4. Health & Wellness: Enhances cardiac and lung functions, reduces fatigue, and helps maintain mental clarity.
    5. Safe & Effective: Unlike traditional air fresheners, our purifier produces no secondary pollution.
    6. Intelligent Control System: Energy-efficient and cost-effective, working seamlessly to purify your air.

    Upgrade to cleaner, fresher air today with our cutting-edge Air Ozonizer & Air Purifier. πŸƒ

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Delivery to Tyumen for more than a month. the device is quite worthy you can safely order.


    Product small but very functional! Above Expectations!!


    Small size, quiet, easy to handle, good product, just turning it on is already visible in the environment.


    Recommend shop. fast shipping. ionizer small, neat. When connected feel odrazu different fragrance. recommend successful purchase.


    Very, very fast, thanks to the seller, I recommend it 100%, very, very good⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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