Yesoul Scam - How Yesoul Scammed me through the Affiliate Program

Welcome back to MrYouWho! Andy here, and today I'm bringing you an important and cautionary tale about my experience with Yesoul.

After working with Yesoul for 18 months, I've come to the conclusion that their affiliate program is nothing more than a scam. Let me explain why.

You can view the YouTube video here:

Initial Partnership with Yesoul

It all started when Yesoul reached out to me about 18 months ago. They offered to send me one of their spin bikes and invited me to join their affiliate program, which promised a 10% commission on sales generated through my links. Excited by the opportunity, I accepted and began promoting their product.

Initially, everything seemed fine. I generated around $800 USD in affiliate commissions within the first few months. However, when it came time to get paid, Yesoul only wanted to pay me $80. After some back and forth, they eventually paid the full amount, but this was only the beginning of my troubles.

See below where they have only paid $319 USD of $2525 USD owing:

Statement showing where Yesoul Scammed me

Issues with Unpaid Commissions

In November of last year, Yesoul approached me again to promote their new bike. I agreed, under the same commission terms, and continued to generate sales for them. By April, I had generated 54 orders and over $22,000 in sales, which should have amounted to $2,524 in commissions.

However, despite numerous attempts to collect my earnings, Yesoul has refused to pay. They claimed that they only owed me $280, despite my records and their own affiliate dashboard showing otherwise.

Documenting the Scam

I decided to document my experience in a YouTube video to warn others about Yesoul. You can watch my honest review of Yesoul's affiliate program where I detail how I lost $3,500:

False Promises and Lack of Communication

Throughout my partnership with Yesoul, I received numerous emails promising payment and updates on my commission status. Despite their reassurances, the payments never materialized. Here are some excerpts from our email exchanges:

"You've been an excellent partner... We'll process your commission within 30 days."

These promises were never fulfilled, and Yesoul has continued to ignore my requests for payment.

Below is the statements they sent to me showing all the orders:

Yesoul not paying commission

Customer Complaints and Poor Service

In addition to my own issues, I've received numerous complaints from customers who have had problems with Yesoul. Issues range from receiving faulty products to poor customer service and unresponsive support. It's clear that Yesoul's business practices are not just unethical but also detrimental to their customers.

Customers have reported issues such as:

  • Receiving defective products
  • Delayed or unfulfilled shipments
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Difficulty obtaining refunds or exchanges

Yesoul still have on the website saying refer and you get 10%, but they won't pay this:

Yesoul Lying on their website

Comparing to Other Brands

My experience with Yesoul is in stark contrast to my work with other brands. For instance, I've had positive experiences with companies like SoundPEATS and JBL, where the affiliate programs were transparent, and payments were made promptly. Check out my reviews of their products:

These companies have proven to be reliable and trustworthy, making my experience with Yesoul even more disappointing.

Lessons Learned and Advice for Creators

This experience has taught me valuable lessons about choosing affiliate programs and partnerships. Here are some tips for fellow creators:

  • Thoroughly research the company before entering into a partnership.
  • Look for reviews and feedback from other creators.
  • Ensure the terms and conditions of the affiliate program are clear and fair.
  • Keep detailed records of your performance and communications.
  • Don't hesitate to walk away from a partnership if it seems shady or unprofessional.
  • Make sure you get payment before too much accrues!

Check out our podcast episode here:



Based on my experience, I strongly advise against working with Yesoul. Their affiliate program is a scam, and they have consistently failed to pay the commissions owed to me. If you're considering partnering with Yesoul or purchasing their products, think twice.

For those interested in more reliable products and honest reviews, be sure to check out my other reviews on MrYouWho. Your support helps us continue to create valuable content and warn others about unethical companies like Yesoul.

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