Unveiling the Journey to Double Silver Play Button Success: How You Can Be A YouTube Superstar Too

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: The Silver Play Button Awards
2. Origin Story: The Birth of MrYouWho
3. Building Confidence: The Untold Benefit of YouTube Transforming Passion into a Business
4. How You Can Too: Steps to Start Your YouTube Journey
5. Conclusion: The Unending Road to Success


Introduction: The Silver Play Button Awards

Imagine having not one, but two Silver Play Button Awards sitting proudly on your mantle. That's the achievement we recently hit with our channels—Freedom in Hours and MrYouWho. For those who are not aware, the Silver Play Button is awarded to YouTube channels that surpass 100,000 subscribers. Only a handful of channels achieve this, and we've done it twice!

Our journey has been incredible, and we owe a huge part of our success to our loyal subscribers. But how did we get here? What was the path to our twin triumphs in the world of YouTube?

MrYouWho YouTube Channel

Origin Story: The Birth of MrYouWho

The first channel I launched was MrYouWho, which started simply enough. Armed with a camera set up in my living room, I did my first video review of a Chinese watch. The audio and video quality were nowhere close to what they are now, but the critical thing was taking that initial step. The launch of MrYouWho was followed by the creation of Freedom in Hours, which focuses on personal development and aims to make every viewer's life better.

Silver Play Button Awards

Building Confidence: The Untold Benefit of YouTube

One thing that often goes unsaid in these success stories is how much confidence one gains through this journey. Speaking in front of a camera may seem awkward initially, but with time it develops not just your on-screen persona but also your off-screen communication skills. Today, I'm getting speaking engagements and even offering free YouTube tutorial courses as a side hustle, all thanks to the confidence YouTube instilled in me.

Transforming Passion into a Business

The YouTube journey doesn't stop at video creation. It opens doors to various opportunities that you might not have considered initially. For instance, I've learned about AI software, became a video editor, a marketer, a brand ambassador, and even started two websites. My YouTube channels have acted as a springboard, launching me into various profitable ventures, including a clothing business.

Freedominhours YouTube channel

How You Can Too: Steps to Start Your YouTube Journey

If I can make it, you can too! You don't need a fancy setup or high-end equipment to start. I began my journey filming in my living room, and I'm still doing it. You have to start somewhere. And if you're passionate, consistent, and willing to engage with your audience, you'll see growth. But be patient; the YouTube journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

Conclusion: The Unending Road to Success

The journey to 100,000 subscribers—twice—has been incredible, but it’s far from over. There's an unending road ahead, one that I'm excited to traverse. If you've been with me since the start, I thank you wholeheartedly. Your support has been invaluable. And if you're just joining us or thinking of starting your YouTube channel, welcome aboard this exciting adventure!

You can also check out our website Freedominhours

Also check out our other video on when we achieved 50 000 subscribers: 

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