Top 5 Cheaps Men's Watches

At Mr.YouWho we have reviewed a number of cheap watches that we have found to be of great quality and great value for what you pay.

In this article we look at the Top 5 Cheap Men's watches that we have found. In each of these watches you don't pay much, but you get a lot in regards to quality, value and functionality.

In our Top 5 Cheap watches we look at Lige, Naviforce, Curren, Mini Focus, and Smael watches. 

1. Lige Watch

The first watch that we recommend is the Lige Watch. You can see the 2 reviews we did of the Lige watches here and the second review here.

Now the Lige watch is one of the best quality watches I have reviewed in the budget watch price group. It's quality, design and build quality means that you won’t go wrong owning this watch.

Lige Watch

Lige itself has been producing watches for a number of years and have now become one of the leading manufacturers of watches for budget minded consumers globally. It also provides a 24 month manufacturers warranty which is unusual for watches in this low price range.

I have seen some watches that are much higher in price and Lige is actually better then a lot of them, the watch also has the functionality, and the quality that you would want for a watch in this price range.

You can view the review we did of the Lige watch here:


2. Naviforce Watch

Naviforce have been around since 2012 and were originally specializing in military watches very much like the Navy Seals, since then they have developed fashion and sports watches along the way.

Now they have a range of dozens of watches each with their own distinctive design.

Naviforce Watch

Naviforce have gone to a lot of effort in producing a great quality watch at a very low price point. I would have to say that this is one of Mr.YouWhos favourite budget watches. We will be doing some more reviews of the Naviforce watches in future, but  I would say you won’t go wrong in having this watch.

We completed a review of 3 of the most popular types of Naviforce watches which you can see below:


In regards to Naviforce we recommended it highly with our review giving it the following scores:

  1. How good does it look 4/5 – Whilst the watch has a striking design and is really well presented the one thing that lets it down is the packaging. You would think if they put so much effort …
  2. What is the quality – 4/5 – the overwhelming majority of reviews for this watch are positive and for the low price point it provides a strong, sturdy, quality watch
  3. Functionality 4/5 – a good variety of different watches with many different functions means there is good functionality across the watch range
  4. Good Value - 5/5 – For the money this is an excellent watch to get
  5. Should I buy it – 4/5

Naviforce Watch 9182

3. Curren Watch

This Curren men's stainless steel analog quartz watch is the perfect watch for everyday wear- especially for more formal activities.

The look and functionality of the watch combines both class and style into one time piece. functionality into one timepiece.  The watch face itself is rather large; however, the size seems perfect for the average male wrist. Additionally, the watch front is the best asset of the timepiece; it's large enough to read, stainless steel trim, and even has a stopwatch function. This watch is now my go-to watch for any formal occasion when I'm looking to accessorize. Overall a great watch for a really great price!

To see our Curren Watch review on Youtube click below:

We give it a big MrYouWho tick of approval. It is an excellent watch for the price range and combines a strong mix of style, elegance and function.

4. Smael Watch

We did a review of the Smael Watch previously, click here to view it.

We recommend this watch for it’s price point, if you like to have a large, sturdy watch that you can use whilst out and about then this watch is perfect for you. Again whilst it is not a G-shock watch it still has much of the similar designs and characteristics of that watch.

You can view our Youtube Review here:

Now let’s take a review of the watch looking at Design, Function, Build Value and Overall thoughts.

  • Design – 4/5 – Great design for the money very similar to G-Shock
  • Functionality 4/5 – Surprising amount of functionality including Date, time,    alarm and stopwatch
  • Build – 4.5/5 - Strong sturdy build, including being waterproof and 
  • Value – 4/5 – Cheap and affordable digital watch
  • Overall thoughts - 4/5

All in all these are great watches for the price, but of course, they won’t be winning a watch of the year award. Keep your expectations in check and realise that you are getting  decent watch for the money. Then I am sure you will be more than happy with the results.

5. Mini Focus Watch

 The final watch we are looking at is the Mini Focus Watch. Now the first things that stands out about the Mini Focus Watch is it's lovely design. It comes in avariety of colours and designs with my favourite being the silicone band watch (MF0347), you can see the review I did of this watch below:

Looking at the Mini Focus watch band it feels of a nice strong Silicone band and is nice to the touch. The watch has a number of dials which show the time and date and the dials appear to shine out.

The watch also becomes luminous when you leave it in the light for a while the dials turn a bright luminescent green colour.

The steel case looks very nice and the clear glass display is striking.


I agree with the reviews online saying this is a great quality watch. It feels really well made and high quality, the parts and the watch itself looks like it is made really well. It is a heavy watch and looks like it is made with a steel casing. The clasp and the band also really looks really good as well.

 Mini Focus Quartz Wristwatch

Also over a seven day test period the watch only gained an average of 6 seconds which is an excellent result for a timepiece in this price range.

The Mini Focus watch has a number of functions including functional little sub-dials for chronograph minute, chronograph second, chronograph 1/10 second. It has a clear date display. It also has 3 buttons in the case to Start/Pause, Adjust time/calender and reset the watch as well.


I believe you won’t go wrong owning this watch, it looks a lot better than a lot of watches that are much higher in price, it also has the functionality, and the quality that you would want for a watch in this price range.


We believe that these 5 watches offer really good value for money and whilst they won't win the watch of the year award they offer great quality watches at a good price.

Please let us know your thoughts and whether you have used any of these watches.

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I never received my purchase

Great watch, great price.

This is a quality wrist watch, not a cheap imitation. It looks just as it is advertised, it keeps impeccable time, and the weight of the watch feels like it should, solid and is an asset to my daily dress wardrobe.

Order missing

Its been almost a month and have not received my order, also haven’t received any updates via email about the tracking etc.

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