Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet Review & Unboxing | Cooking Test


Welcome back to MrYouWho! In this video, we review the Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet with a detailed unboxing and cooking test. If you're considering buying this electric skillet, this review will give you a comprehensive look at its features and performance as we cook a delicious omelette.

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Unboxing the Sunbeam Diamond Force Skillet

Our journey begins with the unboxing. The Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet comes well-packaged, ensuring all components are secure. Inside the box, you'll find:

  • The skillet pan with a Diamond Force nonstick surface
  • A tempered glass lid
  • The heating element with adjustable temperature control
  • An instruction booklet

The skillet's nonstick surface is designed to prevent food from sticking, making it easy to clean and ideal for cooking a variety of dishes.

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Cooking Test: Making an Omelette

To test the Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet, we decided to cook an omelette. Here's how it performed:


  • Eggs
  • Onion
  • Mushroom
  • Tomato
  • Ham
  • Spinach
  • Oil (minimal amount)

Cooking Process:

  1. Setup: Plug in the skillet and set it to medium heat. The skillet heats up quickly, saving time compared to traditional stovetops.
  2. Sautéing Vegetables: Add a little oil and sauté the onions, mushrooms, and spinach. The skillet's even heating ensures all ingredients cook uniformly.
  3. Adding Eggs: Pour in the scrambled eggs and add ham and tomatoes. The nonstick surface prevents the eggs from sticking, resulting in a perfectly cooked omelette.
  4. Cooking Adjustments: The temperature control allows for precise adjustments, ensuring the omelette cooks evenly without burning.

Results: The Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet performed exceptionally well, delivering a delicious omelette with minimal effort. The nonstick surface proved effective, and the even heating ensured consistent cooking.

Features and Benefits

Why Choose the Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet?

  • Diamond Force Nonstick Surface: Ensures easy cooking and cleaning.
  • Quick Heating: Heats up rapidly, saving you time in the kitchen.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: Provides precise cooking temperatures.
  • Versatile Cooking Options: Suitable for frying, sautéing, roasting, and more.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for small kitchens and easy storage.
  • 12-Month Replacement Warranty: Peace of mind with reliable customer support.


The Sunbeam Diamond Force Electric Skillet is a versatile and efficient addition to any kitchen. Its nonstick surface, quick heating, and adjustable temperature control make it perfect for a variety of cooking tasks. If you're in the market for a reliable electric skillet, the Sunbeam Diamond Force is a fantastic choice.

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