Soundcore Space A40 Earbuds: In-Depth Review & 1-Year Durability Test


Welcome back to MrYouWho! Today, we're diving into an in-depth review of the Soundcore Space A40 Earbuds, revisiting them after a year of rigorous use. These earbuds impressed us initially with their outstanding features, and now we're back to see if they still hold up. Watch the full video on our YouTube channel here.


Unboxing and First Impressions

The Soundcore Space A40 earbuds come in a sleek, lightweight case. Each earbud weighs just 4.9 grams, making them incredibly light and comfortable for extended wear. The case itself offers an additional 50 hours of battery life, on top of the 10 hours provided by the earbuds. This impressive battery life ensures you’re never caught without your music.

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When we first unboxed these earbuds, we were immediately impressed by the build quality and the premium feel. The case has a minimalist design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The earbuds fit perfectly in the case with a satisfying magnetic snap, ensuring they are secure and always ready for use.

Soundcore A40 earbuds

Design and Comfort

The Soundcore Space A40 earbuds feature an ergonomic design that fits snugly in the ears. They include six microphones to ensure clear call quality, even in noisy environments. The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.2, providing a stable connection over long distances. The adaptive noise-cancelling technology is particularly noteworthy, reducing outside noise by up to 98%.

The lightweight design of the earbuds makes them comfortable for extended use, whether you're commuting, working out, or simply relaxing at home. The ear tips come in multiple sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every user. This customization is essential for both comfort and sound isolation, which enhances the overall listening experience.

Using Soundcore A40

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Soundcore Space A40 is nothing short of spectacular. The earbuds deliver a well-balanced sound stage with clear highs, rich mids, and punchy bass. Whether you're listening to pop, classical, or house music, these earbuds provide an immersive listening experience. The LDAC technology enhances sound quality further, making these earbuds a strong competitor against more expensive models.

During our testing, we found that the sound performance was consistent across various genres. The bass response is powerful yet controlled, providing a full-bodied sound without overwhelming the other frequencies. The mids are clear and present, allowing vocals and instruments to shine. The highs are crisp and detailed, adding a touch of sparkle to the overall sound signature.

Soundcore A40 QUALITY

Features and Functionality

These earbuds come with several impressive features:

  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling: Adjusts to your environment to reduce noise.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Thanks to LDAC technology.
  • Wireless Charging: Convenient and easy to use.
  • Touch Controls: Control music playback, calls, and noise-cancelling modes with simple touches.

The adaptive noise cancelling is a standout feature, effectively blocking out background noise in various environments. Whether you're on a noisy train or in a bustling office, the Soundcore Space A40 earbuds allow you to enjoy your music without distractions. The transparency mode is equally impressive, letting in ambient sound when you need to stay aware of your surroundings.

Using Soundcore A40 at the beach

Durability and Performance Over One Year

After a year of use, the Soundcore Space A40 earbuds continue to impress. The battery life remains consistent, and the earbuds show no signs of wear. The noise-cancelling feature is as effective as ever, and the sound quality remains top-notch. These earbuds have proven to be durable and reliable, making them a great investment for long-term use.

We put these earbuds through rigorous testing, including daily commutes, intense workout sessions, and long listening periods. Despite the heavy usage, the earbuds have held up remarkably well. The battery life has not diminished, and the earbuds still fit comfortably and securely. The build quality is excellent, with no visible wear and tear.

Sondcore A40 out

Real-World Testing

To give you a comprehensive understanding of the Soundcore Space A40 earbuds, we conducted real-world tests in various environments. At the gym, the earbuds stayed securely in place during high-intensity workouts, providing an uninterrupted listening experience. The sweat-resistant design ensured they remained functional and comfortable throughout.

During commutes, the adaptive noise cancelling effectively blocked out the noise of traffic and public transport, allowing us to enjoy our music and podcasts in peace. In quieter environments, the sound quality truly shone, with every detail of the music coming through clearly.

Sound Performance in Different Genres

The Soundcore Space A40 earbuds excel in delivering high-quality sound across different music genres. Here’s a breakdown of how they performed:

  • Pop Music: The earbuds provided clear vocals and a well-balanced mix, making pop tracks sound lively and engaging.
  • Classical Music: The soundstage was expansive, and the earbuds handled the dynamic range beautifully, bringing out the nuances of orchestral performances.
  • House Music: The bass was deep and punchy, perfect for electronic beats, while the mids and highs remained clear and detailed.

Ease of Use and Connectivity

Connecting the Soundcore Space A40 earbuds is a breeze. Simply take them out of the case, and they automatically pair with your device. The Bluetooth 5.2 technology ensures a stable connection with minimal latency. The touch controls are intuitive, allowing you to manage your music, calls, and noise-cancelling settings effortlessly.

The Soundcore app further enhances the user experience by offering customizable settings. You can adjust the equalizer, choose between different noise-cancelling modes, and even find your earbuds if they get misplaced. The app is user-friendly and adds significant value to the overall package.


The Soundcore Space A40 earbuds offer exceptional value for money. With their fantastic sound quality, effective noise-cancelling, and comfortable design, they stand out as one of the best options in the market. Whether you’re working out, commuting, or just relaxing at home, these earbuds are a perfect companion.

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