Shure Aonic 50 Headphones Review

I am very excited to review the Shure Aonic 50 Headphones. I have been using them for the last week and I just have one word to say … Wow! You are going to love these headphones! I am so excited today to be unboxing, testing and reviewing the Shure Aonic 50 Noise Cancellation headphones.

Not only will I unbox them and go through the key features I will actually head out and use them out and about so you can see what they really are like in such as how good is the sound, how good is the noise cancellation and what are they like when out and about.

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Shure are a market leader in audio products and their new headphones the Shure Aonic 50 really build on that legacy of high quality market leading products. They really have put their years of experience into place to create such wonderful sounding and beautiful looking headphones.

First Impressions

The first thing you see is the lovely large round case which straight away speaks about quality, opening up the box you have the round headphones case which is approximately 15cm wide, the thing I love about the case is that it is sure to protect the headphones as it is very sturdy.

Taking the headphones out of the case and I am immediately inpressed by the lovely design and style of the headphones. You can see the lovely brown leather handband which is adjustable depending on your head size. The ear cups have lovely comfortable padding with inner ear memory foam that makes them extremely comfortable, they also move around so you can store them more easily.
The headphones also come in brown or black depending on what colour you like.

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Shure Aonic 50


Now the first thing I love about these headphones when I put them on is the comfort It literally feels like you have a pillow around your head. My ears fit comfortably into them and I could see myself wearing these for hours.

Functions of the Headphones

Looking at the headphones there is a USB-C socket (the AONIC 50 should go from ‘flat’ to ‘full’ in a touch over two hours) it also functions as a data port as well as a charging port, and a power on/off button that also readies these noise cancelling headphones for Bluetooth pairing. 

Further along the edge of the earcup are two more sets of controls. The first is a three-button arrangement, with ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ handled buy the two outer buttons - the centre button can deal with ‘play/pause’, ‘next track’, ‘previous track’, ‘answer/end/decline call’ and ‘activate Google Assistant’ there is also a 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack.

Shure Aonic 50 Functions


The second control array switches between active noise-cancelling on/off and the environment mode on. The environment mode actually amplifies external sounds, so carrying on a conversation while wearing the headphones is easier, it is also much more safer when out and about.

Sound Quality

It’s when you turn them on that the real fun starts. The music really is exceptional. I love to listen to a lot of uplifting house music and the sound was exceptional you could hear the depth and clarity of the music. I love the clear beats and great tone.

I also listened to everything from opera, rock, classical, jazz and hip hop and very often I actually lost where I was as I got so involved in the sound. The clarity, crispness and depth of the music is incredible and the booming beats you could really hear. You really are getting some amazing audio quality!

I also love how it has 20 hours battery life and charges within a couple of hours.

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Shure Aonic 50

Call Quality

Now how does it work with actually making phone calls? Well Shure are well known for their excellence in making microphones and there is no doubt they have used this here. On calling the sound is very clear with little to no background noise. When making a call they actually felt that I had gotten an improved phone so in fact it has actually helped improve call quality.

Noise Cancellation

Now to me another one of the most important aspects of these headphones outside of sound is the noise cancellation. I thought I would actually go and test them out next to one of the busiest roads in Queenland on the Story Bridge. Testing it out the bridge you could hear little to no road noise this is despite trucks and cars thundering past my head. These headphones would be absolutely perfect for using on trains, planes and buses. Even using them with the vacuum cleaner on I coldn’t hear any background noise.

Noise Cancellation Shure Aonic 50


The headphones also come with an analogue cable you can also use the Shure Aonics as a wired headphone. I was able to connect the cord into my X-box and play games and watch movies.

Shure Plus App

Well to start with you need to download the ShurePlus Play app on Android or IOS. I have done this already and as you can Shure’s mobile app is available on both iOS and Android and app functionality is identical across platforms. If you want to control the noise cancelling intensity and how much environmental noise is let in via ambient aware mode, you have to get the ShurePlus Play app. It’s also an easy way to check battery levels, play local music files, and receive firmware updates.

You can also use the equalizer to equalize the sound. You can ues the preset’s in place or you can create your own custom preset by changing various aspects of the sound here. The Shure Plus Play app is a great to have with the headsets to customize your audio experience.

Shure Aonic 50

Connection Quality

The headphones can connect via Bluetooth or by wire as Shure includes a 2.5mm headphone input on its AONIC noise cancelling headphones. The Bluetooth 5.0 firmware affords a 10-meter wireless range and contributes to the Shure 50s 20hour battery life. Also for audiophiles all of the major Bluetooth codecs are supported: AAC, LDAC, aptX, aptc HD, Low Latency. Whether you’re listening from an iPhone or Android smartphone, you’re bound to experience the best quality audio while moving about.

The Shure Aonic 50 also supports bluetooth multipoint meaning you can connect the headset to two devices at a time. I use this all the time to work from home as a means of keeping one ear on incoming calls and the other on my laptop and music.

Shure Aonic 50

Final Thoughts

Well we have used these headphones for over a week and during that time it really has changed the way I appreciate music. The quality of sound and sound experience really is incredible and makes you feel that you are part of the music. Quite often I would be listening to my favourite tunes and time would just fly by as I got caught up in it.

They really are great quality, good looking headphones that are now going to be part of a staple for my future. I believe they more than justify a leading position in the premium headphones category.

The big ticks for me are all the things that you would want in great headphones. Amazing quality sound, luxury feel and build, great noise cancellation and the fact that they just look darn good!

Great job Shure on the Aonic 50s you have done a great job!

They really are marketing leading headphones and I would go so far as to say the best headphones of 2020!

To purchase the Shure Aonic 50 from Amazon then click here


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