Posture Corrector Back Brace Review

Welcome back to Mr.YouWho and I am really excited today to be reviewing and going through with you about the back brace. The reason why I got this back brace is that I was finding I was having issues in the top of my back and shoulders from incorrect posture. I have quite a strong chest which has meant that quite often it pulls my shoulders forward.

In this back brace review we will actually test the back brace, I will show you how to put it on, I will wear it for a week and then come back and discuss some of the key benefits as well as things to look out for when using it.

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This also builds on our previous video of the Acupressure Mat where we went into detail the numerous benefits of what the mat provides. I would suggest possibly using the Acupressure mat in conjunction with the back brace. You can see this article here.

Well there are some important things you need to look at when selecting a good Posture Corrector Brace:

  • Good quality. There are various ones available but you need to make sure they are comfortable so they don’t catch under the arm
  • You need to make sure you get the correct size for your body shape otherwise it won’t fit correctly.
  • Make sure you have breathable material that stops you getting too hot.

Now the posture corrector works by pulling back your shoulders and straightening your upper back, reducing your back pain. Making it an effective upper back posture corrector.


Posture Corrector Back Brace


It is ideal if you suffer from posture ailments including Kyphosis, Lordosis (APT), Kyphoscoliosis and winged scapula. Or, if you’re recovering from surgery on your back.

Now why I like wearing the brace is that it forces your back and shoulders into the correct posture. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them for anymore than 2 hours a day as it can cause your back to become reliant on it and therefore could end up weakening the back muscles. I will be wearing the back brace for 2 x 1 hour stretches each day over a week. As you can see below:

Posture Corrector


Well how did it go? I found there was a lot less pressure on my shoulders and a lot less pain in my back, it also gave me a lot more flexibility and removed tightness. One of the biggest pluses as well is that I  found it was really helpful when sitting at my office desk as it reduced the pressure on my upper back and neck.

This is something that I will keep on using ongoing. Although I wont use it all the time, the reason being is that I don’t want my back to become reliant on using it.

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