Philips Air Purifier Review

In this latest Mr.YouWho review, we are going to look at the Phillips Air Purifier Series 2000. 

Now before we start this Philips Air Purifier review, a bit about why this came about, my partner suffers from asthma and since we have been in lockdown his asthma has gotten worse, so much so that he suffered from an asthma attack the other day. So there really is a strong personal element to this Philips Air Purifier review and thank fully we can share about how it has significantly helped his asthma, to the point where he is able to breathe again. We also have a video here that describes the best things to do in lockdown

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Philips Air Purifier Technology

Firstly in the Philips Air Purifier review we will look at the technology. The Philips Series 2000 has three layers of filtration called VitaShield IPS. The filters are panel-like and they slide in with one that gets rid of large particles, like pet hair for example. A second active carbon filter removes gases, smoke and odours. Finally, a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter removes the stuff you can’t see like allergens, dust and dust mites. If you are really into stats it can scrub out particles as small as 0.003um or 99.97 per cent of all the nasties in the air.

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Philips Air Purifier 2000

Philips call its onboard sensor AeraSense. A visual representation of the current air quality is showcased via the front colour wheel. Blue means good right through to red that indicates poor.

Air is sucked in via two side vents and ejected from the top of the product. Point to the panel - The top panel features a number of simple buttons for power, turning the colour wheel off for use at night, fan speed and a timer. A simple LCD screen shows you real-time feedback via a numerical display. It could do with a remote control however.

Press the buttons: There are three purification modes, general for everyday freshness. An allergen mode that goes harder on pollen, dust and smaller particles overall and a third mode that claims to rid the air of some bacteria and viruses.

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Philips Air Purifier

How effective is the Philips Air Purifier?

We have been using the Philips Air Purifier for the month and my partners asthma has almost gone. From using the ventolin several times a day he is now only using his preventer once every couple of days. He is able to breathe a lot easier. The air is also much fresher in the house. When we first turned on the purifier it was reading on the display at about 70, it now sits around 3 to 4 most of the time.

If you’re at home during the day or using it at night the Philips Air Purifier is the type of product that works best left on constantly. I actually decided to leave it on for a whole day in our living room. When I returned home, I can honestly say the room did have a fresher smell and feel to it. We maintain a pretty tidy home, one that’s only a few years old. But we do have an indoors cat and toddler, so it’s not always a sparkling shrine.

I have no doubt the Philip Air Purifier clears the air of smoke and odours from cooking. Plus, generally I have no reason to doubt the claims it makes in general. The version I’ve tested covers a room up to 79m², the 3000 and 6000 models will drain rooms from 95m² to 130m² respectively.

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Philips Air Purifier 2000

What else to know about Philips Air Purifier?

The machine is generally quiet, except when working on the highest fan speed but even then, I’d hardly say it’s bothersome. Keep in mind the filters need cleaning or replacing depending on usage. The carbon filter every 12 months, the HEPA every 24 months. The first simply needs a wipe down every month.

The Philips range has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program. I’m not an Asthma sufferer, but I’m sure those who are will benefit from one.

Should I buy a Philips Air Purifier?

If you are after a cost effective and efficient air purifier that is very good at cleaning the air you won't go past a Philips Air Purifier.

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