Novelty Ice Cube Trays - Tested & Reviewed

We really are excited to be looking at these novelty ice cube trays!

In this episode we will be testing & reviewing the cube novelty ice cube tray and the round ice cube trays.

We had been looking around for a while for suitable silicone novelty ice cube trays and we found these silicone trays to be ideal for a party we were about to have. The novelty ice cube trays are easy to fill up, easy to get out of the tray and last ages in your drinks.

You can view the Youtube Review here:

The great thing with these ice cube trays is you can use them with liquor, softdrinks, juices, parties or just to sit back and relax and enjoy a drink.

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Both of the ice cube trays we will be looking at today are silicone ice cube trays. We will be looking at both a cube ice tray and a round ice tray.

The great thing with these trays are that they are made of 100% food-grade silicone, chemical-free and Non-Toxic, which can ensure absolute food security. We also recommend boiling the ice cube trays for 30 minutes when first use. The ice cube trays is easy to clean off quickly and dishwasher safe.

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Ice Ball Mold Cube Tray

The ice ball molds creates 8 large 1.8 inch slow melting spherical ice balls that are perfect for to cool your craft cocktails, iced cold brew coffee, popsicles, infused mint for Mojitos, or frozen lemonade.

Large Ice Cube Tray

The large ice cube tray creates 8 giant 1.9 inches cubes. Perfect for whiskey, tequila or other mixed drinks. Our big ice cubes melt slowly and cool your alcohol drinks fast without watering them down

Preparing the Ice Cube Trays

They both come with a mini funnel makes filling easily without leaking and avoids over-filling. You also need to make sure you squeeze and seal the round ice cube tray to stop it leaking.

I would also make sure you wash the ice cube trays before using. The manufacturer suggests that you boil them for 30 mins before use (although I just washed them and didn't have any issues).

Round Ice Cube Tray

It is very easy to pour in the circle cubes with the funnel that comes in the pack. I found if you pour just below the top it gives the ice cubes room to be able to expand slightly.

I left the cubes in the freezer for several hours just to make sure they were hard.

When they were ready they came out really easy from the silicone tray and didn't stick at all. As you can see in the picture above they maintained their shape really well, in particular the round ice cubes were really nice.

These are perfect if you wish to have a nice summer drink or entertain some friends in a party. They are a really good conversation piece.

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Novelty Ice Cube tray

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We hope you really like this Novelty Ice Tray review. Look out for our other product reviews at Mr.YouWho.

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