Moon Lamp Review + Which Lamp is Best!

In this latest review from Mr.YouWho we will be looking at the Moon Lamp, and in this moon lamp review we will discuss the different types of moon lamps, what we think of them and most importantly if you should buy them.

This is all coming up on Mr.YouWho. Now firstly why at Mr.YouWho would we even talk about and review the Moon lamp?

Have we gone crazy? 

Well as a young boy I was fascinated by the moon? How can it be there? What does it do? What are those strange shapes?

Moon Lamp Buy

The moon lamp puts the galaxy into your home. And with most of whole world being on lockdown when we did this review, who doesn’t wish to have a bit of magic with them.

The great thing with this lamp is that through the magic of 3D printing the actual moon is printed onto the lamp and with the light switched on it really does look dazzling!

 Let’s start by saying I love the moon lamp, it is a fantastic addition to your home and office.

You can also see our review of the Moon Lamp on Youtube here:

You can also purchase these moon lamps here:

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Now let’s do an unboxing and take a look at this 3d moon lamp

As you can see the detail is equisitie with 3d printing allowing the features of the moon to show, it actually looks very realistic as well.

With the lamp that I have tested you are able to change up to 16 different colours including light dimming. It also has remote control that allows you to select the lights from sitting down.

Buy on Amazon:

Moon Lamp Buy

Generally the light can last up to 12 hours depending on brightness but you can also set sleep mode for it as well. Charging doesn’t take that long generally about 2 hours.

There are also a number of different variations of this lamp.

The first variation is in sizes you can have them from 3.5 inches all the way up to 7.1 inches. You can have them with remote, no remote, with stand no stand.

Moon Lamp Sizes

I also like the levitating moon lamp, now while it is a little more expensive, it uses magnets to have the light literally floating above the surface. It gives you that feeling of awe!

Buy on Amazon:

Levitating Moon Lamp Buy

Now when would it be a good time to use this lamp.

Well I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than sipping back with a lovely glass of wine sitting in the lovely moon light, or perhaps you would like to read a good novel in the moonlight.

Maybe you are taking that special someone on a date and are due to romance them.

3d Moon Lamp Buy


Now what are the main factors to look at when choosing a moon lamp:

The texture - You will come across many lunar lights that may have the ability to do all a bright white color and shape of a moon but don’t have the specific level of detail and texture, this is important to have the right light.

Built In Battery – Built in rechargeable battery is important so you don’t have to replace all the time.

Charging port – make sure it is out of the way, such as at the bottom of the light

Size – make sure the one you are buying is large enough, otherwise it will look like a small ball

Budget – the prices vary considerably so look for one that fits into your budget.

Now we have provided links below to our most recommended moon lamps, again these are really cool for the home, office or bedroom. I also have given them as a present to kids and they have loved them as well.

Once again thank you for joining me and the team here at MrYouWho, if you wish to purchase any of these moon lamps we have links in the descriptions below. Also, if you have any other ideas for reviews please let us know. We also have a lot of other videos based around men’s lifestyle, fashion and health.

We also did a second review of the Moon Lamp which you can see here:


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