Low cost all at home workout solution when in Lockdown

You are probably already thinking how you can maintain your current physique without having to access to all the gym equipment you are used to.

A lot of the exercise equipment that people recommend you use are not available (for example dumbells, barbells etc). This is because a lot of them have been purchased and sold out.

Fortunately there are a lot of exercises that allow you to just use your bodyweight and if you can add some resistance, you’ll get much greater results. We have come up with 6 exercises that you can do just with the addition of fitness bands.

Resistance Bands

Whilst these exercises won't have you piling on muscle, they will help you keep the gains and even help you get more shredded.

We recommend these resistance bands as they are very flexible and allow you to increase the weight depending on how much more you want to life.

A video of it is shown here below:


Single Arm Bicep Curls

This is just as simple as using a dumbell, stretch out the band an curl up, you can add extra bands for more resistance. You can also use different angles as well to work different muscles. For extra resistance, adjust the point in the band you step on.

Seated Chest Press

This is a staple for most guys and you can continue to do this at home. By just sitting on a good chair and wrapping the resistance band around the back and extend your arms forward you can work the chest. Make sure you work the arms at different angles to target different parts of the chest.

Military Press

The military press is a great chest and shoulder workout.  With a resistance band, simply stand on it and hold two ends, make sure your elbows are at right angles to the floor. Then lift upwards until your arms are straight, if you find there isn’t much resistance from the band, hold it a little further down and even wrap it around your hands a bit if needed, to create more tension.

Tricep Extension

It’s not all about biceps when it comes to big arms, but you need to work your triceps too. The resistance band comes to your rescue once again. Step inside it as you did with the front raises and military press, adjust it so that the band runs up behind you, hold the ends with a close grip and extend your arms as you would if you were performing the same exercise with dumb bells. Adjust the level of tension as required.

Front Raises 

This one is just like the military press, but instead of lifting above your head, you lift up and out in front of you. Go and step inside the band, then hold the other ends at shoulder width and lift. Just like  the other exercises, you can adjust the intensity by changing where you hold the band.


A staple for exercising your back you can do these at home with resistance bands. For this exercise, step on both strands of the band, holding either end in your hands. Bend your body over so it’s virtually parallel to the floor, and slowly pull your arms upwards, keeping them close to your body.


So get your resistance bands and follow these exercises to maintain your current state and as soon as the lockdown is lifted, you can get back into the gym and carry on where you left off.

Just because you are in lockdown and stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t workout as often as you want. 


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