The Ultimate Lige Smart Watch Review: Budget-Friendly Functionality

Review of the Lige Smartwatch

When I first unboxed the Lige Smartwatch, I was immediately impressed by its sleek design. The watch's casing boasts a modern and polished look, complemented by a comfortable band that feels soft against the skin. The display is vibrant, offering clarity that makes it easy to read notifications or track your fitness data.

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The interface is intuitive, and the touch response is snappy, which ensures that even first-time smartwatch users will find it easy to navigate. I also appreciate the variety of watch faces available, which allows users to customize the look to match their style.

As for its functionality, the Lige watch does not disappoint. From fitness tracking to call notifications, it offers all the essential features you'd expect from a high-quality smartwatch. Moreover, its battery life has proven to be commendable, lasting for days on a single charge.

Lige Smart Watch Unboxing

The connectivity with my smartphone was seamless, and I faced no issues receiving notifications or syncing my data. This integration is crucial for those of us who rely on our smartwatches to keep us updated and connected on the go.

After spending significant time with the Lige Smartwatch, I can confidently say that I recommend it. It combines both style and functionality in a package that is competitively priced.

 Lige Smart Watch Functions

First Impressions

Priced between $35-$40, the Lige Smartwatch offers a cost-effective alternative to pricier competitors. Its modest price may suggest a compromise on quality, but in reality, the watch delivers significant value. While it might not possess the prestige of premier smartwatches, its features and build quality are commendable for the price bracket.

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Key Features:

  • Attractive Display
  • Water Splash Resistant
  • Fitness Tracking Capabilities
  • Blood Pressure & Heart Monitoring
  • Ability to Accept Calls & Check Messages

Lige Smart Watch Functionality

However, potential users should note that it doesn't support functionalities like viewing photos, replying to messages, or independent operations without a connected smartphone.


Upon unboxing, the packaging might appear basic. The box contents include:

  • The Smartwatch with a Plastic Band
  • Charging Cable
  • An Instruction Guide

Setting it Up

For seamless connectivity, users need to download the 'Duff It' app available on the App Store or Google Play. Charging is user-friendly, employing a magnetic connection attached to the back of the watch. The company claims a battery life of approximately seven days. However, in real-world use, a consistent five days of battery life is more common before requiring another charge.

Using the Lige Smart Watch

Design & Build

The Lige Smartwatch flaunts a sturdy design, a surprise at its price point. Its display, though basic, ensures clarity and is visually appealing. The option to switch bands facilitates personal customization. Additionally, the heart rate sensor is strategically positioned on the watch's back.


The watch's user-friendly interface includes:

  • Camera Control: To manipulate your smartphone's camera remotely.
  • Music Control: Oversee music playback on the paired device.
  • Weather: Obtain precise weather updates.
  • Sports Mode: A plethora of fitness tracking tools, inclusive of a pedometer.
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor: While it provides reasonably accurate readings, relying on a specialized blood pressure monitor is advisable for regular monitoring.

Lige Smart Watch Feature Packed

App Features

The accompanying app adds an element of personalization, letting users modify the watch face, set alarms, and selectively choose the notifications they want, from Facebook alerts to incoming calls.


In today's market, overrun by exorbitantly priced smartwatches, the Lige Smartwatch carves a niche for itself. It stands out as a feature-rich alternative that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. While certain luxurious features are absent, the value proposition at $35-$40 is compelling.

For a deeper dive into its attributes, I recommend watching the review on the MrYouWho YouTube channel. If the Lige Smartwatch piques your interest, you can purchase it here.

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I never received my purchase

Great watch, great price.

This is a quality wrist watch, not a cheap imitation. It looks just as it is advertised, it keeps impeccable time, and the weight of the watch feels like it should, solid and is an asset to my daily dress wardrobe.

Order missing

Its been almost a month and have not received my order, also haven’t received any updates via email about the tracking etc.

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Well I haven't recieved it yet, keeping up with the tracking and hope to get it soon, thanks

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