JBL Reflect Flow Review

We really enjoyed reviewing these earbuds. The JBL Reflect Flow really are fanstastic earbuds and were particularly great when using at the gym, running and cycling. These earphones are perfect for many different types of sport.

Massive pluses are the antibacterial earbuds, water and sweat resistant, quality of sound and how well they fit into the ears. Having the ability to reduce external sound so you could talk or hear the environment around you is a big plus.

These JBL Reflect Flow earbuds are brilliant and backef with JBL sound as well you won't go wrong in owning these beauties.

In this JBL Reflect Flow Review we will unbox, test and review the JBL Reflect Flow wireless earbuds. We will also discuss the key features and benefits of the headphones and why we think they are one of the best sports oriented headphones you can buy.

To see our Youtube review of the JBL Reflect Flow please see video below:

Initial Impressions

Firstly, I love the sporty look of the case, I don't think it is too bulky and could fit quite easily into my pants when I am wearing them to the gym. The other great thing about the case is that it comes with 20 hours of battery life. This means that you can get 10 hours from the earbuds themselves and another 20 hours from the case (30 hours in all) which is really.

It is also compact at 1.1 by 3.3 by 1.5 inches and feels really strong and sturdy.

Here is the case and earbuds. To purchase from Amazon you can click on the picture as well:

JBL Reflect Flow Earbuds

Charging the earbuds is just as simple as popping them into the case and the case is fully charged in a couple of hours.

Relflect Flow Earbuds

The earbuds themselves come in black, green, blue or teal and look really stylish, whilst they are really small they do feel like they have a great quality build.

The headphoes themselves are IPX7 which is great as they can be submerged in water. This is also good if you work out at the gym a lot and work up a good sweat, although I wouldn't necessarily recommend swimming with them. That being said they should be able to handle being submerged up to a metre.

To purchase from Amazon click on picture below:


The controls on each earbud vary a little. The right ear controls the playback and managing calls (for example dialling/answering). Whilst the left controls the Ambiet aware (which we will discuss more later) and by pressing it twice you can also skip tracks. If you press down both earbuds they poweroff after holding for 5 seconds.

It is was also very easy to connect the earbuds to my phone.


I found the earbuds that came in the box were very comfortable in my ears and didn’t move at all. That being said there are three sets of tips you can use that can vary the size in your ears. When I used them exercising I found they didn’t move at all. Even doing parkour they don’t move in your ears. As they fit so comfortably you didn’t really notice that they were in the ears.

 JBL Reflect Flow Running

Also by just pressing the left bud, you can go to a slightly quieter sound (Ambient Aware) or very low volume playback (TalkThru).

Very comfortable earbuds that are great to use for sport


The ability to use Ambient aware, where you can reduce the sound you can speak to people and Talk Thru where the volume goes down really low is actually very handy. I do a lot of weights at the gym and being able to reduce the sound with a quick press of the left earbud without having to take them out is very handy.

I also like how you can change tracks, manage calls hands free and you can also use the voice assistants such as Alexa, Google assistant and Siri.

You can see what comes in the box below:

JBL Reflect Flow Unboxing

The IPX7 rating is also very useful. I was using them the other day in a rain storm and was able to still listen to the music and they were also not impacted in anyway.

Handsfree calling they were really good as well with stereo calls meaning that conversation was done really clearly and crisply!

And that 10 hours battery life. Enough to do a week’s worth of workouts without having to charge them, fantastic!


These are made with the fantastic JBL sound and as always JBL doesn’t disappoint. With all as with the other headphones I have reviewed from JBL the music is really good.

Musical tones are sharp and defined with the musical backdrop being supported with clear melodies. I listened to a mixture of house, rap, electronic and classic and in each case the sounds were enhanced by the headphones. In regards to bass the sound is deep and precise. For a pair of earbuds I was actually surprised by the bass on offer.

JBL Reflect Flow Sound


You will not go wrong using these earbuds for everyday listening or when you have an exercise at the gym!


The JBL Reflect Flow are one of our favourite headphones and are one of the best earbuds in the category. The 10 hours battery life plus the extra 20 hours in the case combined with the IPX7 rating, great quality of sound, functionality and great fit means that these are perfect for sport. 

They also serve really well as general earbuds for everyday use. JBL has done a great job of producing a great set of wireless headphones.

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We also recommend you have a look at our JBL Live 300TWS Review. These are great earbuds and are a great alternative to the Reflectflow:


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