How to keep fit and healthy during lockdown

It really is a big challenge maintaining a healthy lifestyle while the country is in lockdown.

By having to work from home the loss of routine can be really upsetting and off putting for you.

With most outdoor activities now unsafe due to the coronavirus, it might be tempting to just to lay there and binge watch TV shows.

But now more than ever when we are in lockdown is the perfect time to find more creative ways to exercise and be healthy.

Taking control of your physical and mental well-being is a good place to start if you’re feeling a little bit lost right now.

Keeping fit has its obvious physical advantages, but it’s also key to improving your mental health and boosting your mood.

Exercise decreases stress and anxiety, it also helps you sleep well and makes you more focused.

Despite the fact that we are being forced to stay inside during lockdown, there are stil plenty of responsible, safe ways to stay active and get some vitamin D.


Running is still fine! Just no more than once a day. Make it a good one.

It’s the easiest way to stay fit right now, and it’s seriously liberating if you’re spending the rest of the day indoors.

Parks remain open for responsible exercise. Make sure you go alone or with a member of your household.


It’s time to get back on the saddle.

Cycling is a responsible way to escape the perimeter of your local area and exercise without risking the spread of coronavirus, as long as you go alone or with members of your household.

Try combining your exercise with other tasks you have to do outside.

For instance, cycling to the supermarket if you need basic essentials, or to work if you absolutely have to.


Walk a dog

Dog are a very excellent for your mental health.

Not sure if that’s a scientific fact, but my day is always a little bit brighter after five minutes with a dog.

Dogs also need their exercise as well. And it’s also been confirmed that dogs can’t carry COVID-19, so you can still interact with them as normal.


Just because you’re only allowed outside once a day doesn’t mean you can only exercise once a day!

There are plenty of great Pilates classes which you can access online and complete from the comfort of your living room.

There are also plenty of Pilates videos and Youtube!


Yoga is an excellent way to accompany a run, especially for athletes looking to stay in shape during lockdown.

It increases your strength, flexibility and balance – as well as providing a much-needed sense of calm.

And best of all, it’s easy for people of all ages and keeps you looking healthy and well.

Again, there are plenty of great online tutorials on Youtube to get you started.


Other indoor exercises

There are many types of indoor exercises you can do including weights, resistance bands, body exercises and push up boards. You do skipping, abs exercise or even use a stepper. 

There are many workouts you can do from Youtube and we will have links to these shortly.

Just because you are in lockdown and stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t workout as often as you want. 

Also please see our video regarding best things to do in lockdown:

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