Dyson V7 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Welcome back to Mr.YouWho and our review of the Dyson V7 cord free vacuum cleaner. Now living in a home with lots of carpet, removing dust and dirt is absolutely critical, this is in particular with my partner suffering from asthma. In other reviews we have discussed a range of air purifiers have helped with his breathing. We found though unless we can actually remove dirt and dust from the home air quality is hard to manage.

So we are very excited to be reviewing the Dyson V7 cord free vacuum cleaner. We had heard lots of good things about it so are very excited to be putting the dyson through it’s paces.

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We will actually unbox and have a look at the Dyson V7 including it’s key features, we will then test how the Dyson V7 works and how effective it is including trying the dyson out on carpets, tiled floors as well as furnishings and benches. We will also do another Mr.YouWho question time where we will discuss commonly asked questions about the vacuum cleaner. We will finally summarise what we think and whether this is a great vacuum cleaner for you.

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 Dyson V7

We used the Dyson V7 across a number of different areas including carpet, laminate flooring, tiles, lounge room chairs and also on workstations and cupboards. As the Dyson has a lot of power it was quickly and easily able to pick up contaminants including coffee, protein powder, pepper and salt.

Dyson V7

The V7 was very efficient and effective and wasn't too noisy either. With the salt for example it was able to pick all of it up with by just going over the salt a couple of times.

I also liked how it picked up a lot of dust in areas where I had only vacuumed with my old vacuum cleaner a few hours before. This shows that it can quite easily penetrate down into more areas.

Dyson V7

Common Dyson V7 Questions:

1. What is the differences between the different Dyson Versions?

Well there are a number of different features as you move up the Versions but one of the biggest one’s is power and battery life. As you go up from the V7 to V8, V10 and V11 it increases.

For example the V7 has 100 watts suction and 30 mins runtime but when you head to the V8 that increases to 115 watts suction and 40mins runtime all the way up to the Dyson V11 with 220 watts and 120 minutes runtime. This means the larger Dyson is a bit more heavier and a lot more powerful. For a unit that I demonstrated the V7 in you would get away with it for it’s size.


2. Which Dyson should I go for?

There are different models of dysons depending on which countries you live in. Also different models have different attachments as well. For example some of the models have pet attachments. The Dyson V7 is a great entry level vacuum cleaner for the home.

3. How does the Dyson stick Vacuum clean?

All the Dyson vacuums have a similar approach to how they clean They each use cyclone systems to fling debris into the dust bin, include a washable lifetime filter, and are powered by the same “Trigger” technology to turn the vacuum on and off.

The V6, V7, and V8 have a two-tier, 15-cyclone system that uses the power of cyclonic centrifuge to spin dirt, dust, and debris—collecting particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Mr.YouWho Question Time

4. How easy is it to remove the dust bin?

As you can see here it is as easy as pulling this lever up and the dust bin opens and you can empty it in the bin

5. How is the battery life?

I would say that this is probably one of the reasons why you would go for the bigger Dysons.  That being said 30 minutes generally is good for a medium size apartment or a small home. All Dyson V7 machines have smart electronics within the machine, battery and charger to ensure they won't overcharge. It is recommended you leave the machine on charge when not in use, even if you haven't fully used the battery. This will ensure it is always ready for your next cleaning session.

What is Mr.YouWho's Final Verdict

So what is Mr.YouWho’s final verdict. Well originally we were a little concerned that this would be just a toy compared to the more expensive models (V11) that were three times the cost. Well I need not have worried. With Dyson, what you are paying for is superior technology superior construction and materials. They may all look great in the shop, but the Dyson products are more expensive for a reason. They are simply a lot better!

The box advises up to 30 minutes run time but that's just with small accessories. When using the power head on floors that drops the time to 20 minutes according to the instructions inside the box. This fact really concerned me until I used the machine. It's so light and easy to use that I zipped around and thoroughly cleaned in just a few minutes and what a top job it does. I had vacuumed the day before and the floors looked perfectly clean... but the Dyson extracted dust, fluff and pet hair that had been invisible on our six month old high quality carpets. Amazing really.

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Dyson V11

I imagine many people would benefit from a higher grade Dyson with longer run times for larger areas than we need.... but I'd stress that the job is done much faster and easier with this sort of machine than with old style corded vacuums or even ducted systems as we have downstairs. You possibly don't need as long a "run time" as you think.

For a small apartment or home it is perfect and you can still use it in larger homes as well. I would just recommend keeping it on charge all the time.

All in all a great product an excellent piece of domestic cleaning kit.

Thank you again for joining us. For other reviews of home cleaning please see our playlist at Mr.YouWho

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