Casio G Shock Watch Review | My G Shock Years Later

 In this latest MrYouWho instalment we will be looking at the G Shock watch I have now owned for over 25 years and is the first watch I ever bought. It is still going really strong and we will explore more about the watch and G-Shock generally.

We will also be looking at 2 of the G-Shcok watches that I really like.

You can view the review here:


Now G-Shock I have to say really is a fantastic watch brand. I really do love them and being part of my life for 25 years is something really special.

G Shock Watch History

Now the Casio G-shocks have been around since the early 1980s, and the watches have continued to develop, would you believe that by the late 1990s there were over 200 different G-Shock models.

They are also popular with emergency services, such as police, firefighters, but also film directors and even astronauts! Would you believe some of the watches in the DW-5600 series have actually been to outer space and are accredited by NASA?

They are extraordinary for their quality, durability and have the world record with a truck that was 27 tonnes driving over one and the watch still worked perfectly.

Now as you can see from the watch here, I bought this over 25 years ago, I have actually reset the display and it reads when I bought it 1995! and would you believe I have only had to replace the watch once. Once in 25 years is extraorindary!

This watch is the G-Shock DW 9050 and boy is it a great little watch!

Now just to think that it has lasted since 1998 is incredible! And even though I may look like in my early 20s this watch has been part of my life for the last 2 decades.

So let’s talk have a bit of a look at this watch.

G Shock Watch Design

Almost all G-shocks today are made with a platic case that is protected by a rubberized resin besil. Although the Gshocks of the past that we are looking at here were made out of stainless steel and used a proper diver style screw in case back rather than the plate held with 4 little screws we see today. This name gave these G-shocks the nickname screw backs. The only G shocks like that today are the Frogman models and premium squares which are solar atomic and Bluetooth.

If you want one like this you will need to go for the anniversary models.

Now lets have a look at this watch after 25 years:

  • The glass doesn’t have any scratches
  • There is no damage around the face
  • Even the band has maintained it’s quality
  • I didn’t buy another one for years as I just couldn’t match the quality and value of this one.
  • Only changed battery once over that time
  • The band has gotten a little dirty but what would you expect after 25 years.

I have swum in it, climbed with it, run, cycled, built and sat on it.

The timing is exact and it still does exactly what it did when I bought it.

During this time I have managed to go through scores of watches but the G-Shock still remains, it is quite incredible!

The reason for this is G-shocks focus on extraordinary quality with their watches

Now I want to look at 2 of my current favorite G-Shock watches.

G Shock GA 100

The first is the G Shock GA 100 you can view the information about this watch in the review video above. 

You can also purchase this watch from Amazon on this link.

G Shock CG 100

The Second is the G Shock CG 100 which you can also view about in the Youtube video. You can buy it here from Amazon.

I hope you really enjoyed this look at the Casio G Shock watch, it really is an incredible little watch that will keep going for many years to come!

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