Arovec Air Purifier Review

Welcome back to Mr.YouWho, now today we will be reviewing the Arovec AV-P152Pro air purifier. Now with most of us having to spend so much time at home, air quality has become a criticial issue. We are very excited to do this review of the Arovec Air Purifier AV-P152PRO.

In this Arovec Air Purifier review we will actually unbox and take a look at the Arovec air purifier, we will then test how it works, how effective it is and if we feel that it actually improves the air quality. 

You can view the review on Youtube here:


Why is good air quality important?

This is part of a series of reviews we have done on Air Purifiers. Having very good air quality is of critical issue for us with my partner having asthma. Now having asthma and living indoors with carpet is not a good idea so we need a great quality air purifier that can really help. There are lots of things that can cause bad air, from chemicals in products and sprays, through to bacteria, dust and viruses in the air.

So in this review we will look at whether we think the Arovec is ideal to help with this.

Arovec AV-P152PRO

The Arovec AV-P152Pro is part of a series of air purifiers that Arovec have. The P152Pro is the biggest of the air purifiers and can do a room size of 45sqm, it also has the most features out of the different air purifiers.

You can purchase the AV-P152 Pro from Amazon below:

 Arovec Air Purifier Amazon AV-152Pro

The first thing I love about the Arovec is the style and design, I could easily see it sitting in my office or bedroom. It is also very compact which means it can be moved easily from room to room and it is also very light meaning it can be moved easily. Whilst the AV-P152Pro is light it does feel like a really good quality build.

The air purifier is part of a range of 5 air purifiers from Arovec that range from the AV-P108 (which does up to 8 sqm, through to the one we are reviewing today (which is up to 45 sqm. The advantage of this is you can choose a different model depending on your use and needs. You can see the different sizes below (click on image to buy from Amazon):

Arovec Air Purifier Comparison

 Arovec Air Filtration 

The Arovec AV-P152Pro comes with a 3 stage filtration system, this includes an initial Preliminary Filter a Activated Granular Activated Carbon Filter and a High Grade H13 True HEPA filter.

The Hepa filter does most of the work, pulls allergens down to 0.3 microns. It also contains a granulated carbon which also traps most of the chemicals in the air.

It is recommended to change the filter every 4 to 6 months depending on use.

Arovec Air Filter


The great thing about the air purifier is it also has a handy air colour light which shows the air quality by different colours much like a traffic light. Blue being very good, Green is Good, Orange is moderate and Red is Bad.

Arovec Operation

Operating the AV-P152Pro is very straight forward thanks to the digital display on the top. You turn it on by pressing the power button. You can then select 3 different air speeds or just select Auto. Auto will automatically change the air speed depending on what it needs to do to get the best air quaility.

The great thing about the fan speed is that even when it is on high the sound is not too high. This means it can work in the background for you without causing disturbance.

The air purifier also has a night setting which reduces the lights and noise of the air purifier and a timer option. An extra bonus which I really like is the light off button which means it doesn't have to distract you in the dark.

Arovec Air Purifier Display

Arovec Air Purifier Tests

Now I tested this air purifier in a number of different ways including smoke, vapor and airborne particles. In each case the air purifier was able to immediately respond to the changes in the air quality. The light indicator went red and then after a short amount of time went to Green (Very good). This shows how responsive the air purifier is and how quickly it could filter the air.

Arovec Air Purifier Tests


I also used the air purifier for a number of days and I found a dramatic difference in air quality. It was also very quiet and very easy to run in the background. I have also read some other reviews online and people are very happy with it. 

Arovec Air Purifier Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed reviewing this air purifier. It is not as expensive as some of the other air purifiers on the market and is really good for those of you wanting to get clean air at home at a very good price.

The style, design and functions are all very good and I also like the fact that it comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. 

Arovec AV-P152Pro


The air purifier is also very good on electricity only using approximately 15c per day for power which means you can run it all the time in the background.

It was able to effectively and efficiently purify the air and is perfect for a smaller apartment. If you are in a bigger home you may need to move the air purifier to different parts of the home depending on where you want to purify.

If you wish to buy the Arovec Air Purifier from Amazon click here.

We have also done a review on the Arovec AV-P152 which is a smaller version of the AV-P152PRO and is also an excellent air purifier. You can see the Youtube review below:


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