Sony WH-CH 510 Wireless Headphones Review

We were very skeptical when we were told that you could purchase an inexpensive Sony Bluetooth Heaphones with excellent battery life and great sound quality. In this review we look at the Sony WH-CH510 and we think you will be pleasantly surprised with these headphones.

With the Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones you get to benefit from all the advances in battery technology. Very often the reason we choose over the ear headphones instead of earbuds is because we want to be fully immersed in the sounds. The great thing about headphones that are wirelss is you can do lots of activity with them such as running, going to the gym, walking or cleaning around the house.

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Sony WH0CH510 Wireless Headphones

We have also done a review and unboxing of these Sony Headphones which you can also watch here:

Why Should I buy Sony Headphones?

In buying Sony headphones you know you are buying into a brand with a long history of building good quality electronics. I personally owned the original Sony Walkman and have also owned a number of their products in the past including headphones, MP3 player and mobile phones.quality with these headphones. Their experience, long history of research and development, and ability to hire the top engineers gives them an edge over the competition that is hard to overcome.

In the headphone game just like in pretty much every other area Sony gets into, they are known for making great and reliable products. In the case of the WH-CH510 they adhere to that legacy. They are designed to be very long lasting and easy to use, have excellent quality sound, and easy to travel with. On top of that they are meant to be used for calls and give you full voice control over your phone with integration for voice assistant.

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 Sony WH-CH510 Headphones

Sony 510 Headphones Look & Design

At the base of the headphones you will find the two volume controls along with the power button and a USB-C port for charging. They are almost entirely jet blue (or black) aside from some white micro dots on the outside of the two earcups themselves mixed in with the Sony logo. The headphones do adjust to fit the size that is most comfortable for your head.

The headphones weigh in at 9.8 ounces and fully open measure at 7.8 x 6.8 x 1.6 inches. The earcups actually swivel so you can pack them in a bag easier for compact traveling.

At the base you will also find the hole for the built in microphone. The microphone can be used to take and make calls without actually having to touch your phone. That means without taking your phone out of your pocket you can make calls or check the weather or pretty much anything else you can do with voice assistant.

There is also a voice assistant functionality that ties into your smartphones Siri or Google assistant feature.

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Sony WH0CH510 Wireless Headphones

Call Quality & Wireless Capability

We tested the built in microphone both indoors and outdoors and found there was no loss in quality. The bluetooth was still stable at 10 metres away (or around 30 feet) and remained connected. The main reason  is that this device has Bluetooth 5.0 remained stable at 30 feet away from the connected device. The quality and range can be attributed to the inclusion of Bluetooth version 5.0 which means you get higher quality, that longer range, and backwards compatibility with the older Bluetooth versions which is of course the latest rendition of the wireless.

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Sony WH0CH510 Wireless Headphones

Audio Quality

We found the sound quality on the Sony WH-CH510 to be really good. For the price you are getting great audio that will last you a long time. Although they will not compete with much higher priced headphones such as Bos, for the price they balance the difference with solid quality, comfort and great battery life, and solid quality for the value.

Battery Lifespan

The battery life on the WH-CH510 Sony headphones is incredible. Not only is there an amazing 35 hours of actual play time but the charging time is super quick. To give you an idea just plugging in the headphones for just 10 minutes there is at least 90 minutes of additional play time.

Pairing these up with a kindle while traveling was amazing because both of those devices last a very long time without requiring a power source. On top of that they can get up to 200 hours of waiting time from a full charge.

Final thoughts

For the low price these headphones are incredible value and you won’t go wrong buying the Sony WH-CH510. To have great sound quality combined with great battery life means these headphones have to be bought.

The only downside I would say is there is no noise cancelling and they don’t appear to be waterproof. That being said there are plenty of other products you can buy at a higher price you can do this for.

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Sony WH0CH510 Wireless Headphones 

You can also view the video at Sony WH-CH510 Youtube Review 

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