Wooden Watch Review - Are Wood Watches any good?

Now today we are continuing our series of watch reviews but today it is going to be a little different. We will be looking at Wooden Watches. In particular looking at whether these watches are any good, how well they wear and finally whether you should purchase them.

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Now time to jump into our Wooden watch review at Mr.YouWho!

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Now a watch made of wood, yes it does seem a little bit crazy, I mean is it comfortable, does it look good and how does it actually wear?

Surprisingly wooden watches have become a lot more popular in recent times. This is in particular because of changing fashion tastes but also the sustainable part of them.

In this wooden watch review we will explore some of the different types of wooden watches, these include digital, led, some are a mixture of digital and stainless steel and some of them you can actually carve your name into or even have your photo in.

Before we go into a bit more detail about wooden watches lets dive in look at one of these watches in action, the first one we will look at is from Bobo bird, I really like the Bobo Bird brand of watches, again these are handmade in China, but the great thing is the different types of watches that are available.

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With these watches I also like how they come in their own gift box which looks really nice and adds that bit of luxury feel to the watches. These watches also have very good reviews which reinforces these watches.

Now the great thing with wooden watches is:

  1. They are a lot more eco friendly and at times are made of sustainable material
  2. Hypoallergenic – very good if you have allergies to certain types of materials such as silicone or metal
  3. Lightweight – Generally wood watches are very lightweight as well, which is great if you don’t like a heavy watch.
  4. They also look very unique and have their own design. 

There are literally dozens of different types of wooden watches out there!

So what are the downsides:

  1. Durable: Well for one they are likely not as durable as your standard metal and silicone watches and whilst you can probably get them to last a few years they probably won’t go the distance of other metal ones. Also as wood itself deteriorates over time it won’t last for decades. That being said if you look after it right you can get several years out of a good wood watch.
  1. Not really suitable for sport – if you love running, swimming or very physical sports I would suggest you take it off

 So what’s the Mr.YouWho final verdict?

Well Wood watches are comfortable, stylish, good for the environment and they are still very unique. How many people do you know who have a wooden watch? I love to have at least one of these in my watch collection and they really are a good talking point when I am out.

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